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National Association of Builders (NOSTROI)

- Russia's largest association of self-regulating organizations (SRO). NOSTROI includes 221 SROs in 74 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the members of which are more than 92 thousand companies engaged in construction, reconstruction, overhaul and demolition of capital construction projects, which accounts for more than 50% of the total number of companies operating in the construction industry.

NOSTROI was established on November 10, 2009 by the decision of the First All-Russian Congress of Construction Self-Regulatory Organizations (SRO).

The President of NOSTROI, Anton Glushkov, was elected on April 22, 2019 at the 17th All-Russian Congress of Self-Regulatory Organizations in Construction. Vice-Presidents are Anton Moroz and Alexander Ishin. Executive Director of the National Association of Builders - Viktor Pryadein.

Since 2012 NOSTROI has been successfully operating the Expert Council of NOSTROI, the main task of which is to form proposals for improving the legal framework and development of self-regulation in the construction industry.

In June 2019, NOSTROI created a new specialized advisory and consultative collegial body - the Technical Council. It deals with technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment in construction.

The National Association of Builders also has a system of committees - specialized permanent collegial bodies under the Council. The six industry and functional committees include representatives of self-regulatory organizations, construction companies, specialized educational institutions, as well as experts in the field of construction and legislation.

Since 2014, NOSTROI has been the base organization for the Professional Qualifications in Construction Council (PQC). It is responsible for the development, application and updating of the sectoral framework of qualifications and qualification requirements in the construction industry, the formation of the qualification system, participates in the development of state standards for professional education, monitors the labor market, updates professional education and training programs, and organizes activities on professional and public accreditation of educational programs and conducts an independent assessment of qualifications in the construction industry.