Address: 620014, Russia, Yekaterinburg, Boris Yeltsin St., 1a, office 10.5
Phone: +7 (343) 35-111-78

The Self-Regulatory Organization Association of Ural Builders was registered as an NGO with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in 2008, and in December 2009 it was included by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor) in the State Register of Self-Regulatory Organizations and received the official status of SRO. Registration number SRO-S-103-07122009. It is a member of the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY).

The Urals Association of Builders is the largest self-regulating organization in the Urals Federal District in the field of construction, the history of which began in 2004 on the basis of the Association of Builders of the City of Yekaterinburg (ACE), a non-profit public association.

The Association unites more than 200 construction organizations of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. More than 80% of the capital construction projects in Yekaterinburg are being built by organizations that are part of SRO.

Today, the Urals Association of Builders is without exaggeration an influential public organization of the Urals, which is the guarantor of safety of all operations, compliance with building norms and rules, as well as the responsibility of the contractor, and an effective guide between the construction community and the authorities.

 Association of builders of Ural carries out delivery of admissions on conducting civil work and renders all-round assistance to professional activity of members SRO occupied in sphere of building.

The main objectives of the Association are to improve the quality of work in the field of construction and prevent damage due to deficiencies in such work. The main principle of the Association is to build trust relations based on the principles of transparency and openness. Specialists are always ready to provide comprehensive assistance to organizations - members of self-regulating organizations on the issues of preparation of documents for joining SRO members, organization of training (advanced training and certification), as well as in legal and legal issues arising in the course of activities.

With direct active participation of the Urals Association of Builders, amendments have been initiated and the adoption of regional and federal regulations aimed at reducing administrative barriers and improving the investment climate in the construction industry is ensured.

Member organizations of the Association have the opportunity to undergo training and retraining courses at the Ural University of Railway Transport, receive relevant advice on legal, economic and technological issues from SRO experts, take part in seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, organized by the Association

In 2011, the Association's activity was highly appreciated and was the first among self-regulating organizations in Russia to be awarded the Certificate of Honor of the National Association of Builders. The Association is also the initiator and co-organizer of mass and socially significant events promoting construction professions.

Starting from 2012 the rating of conscientious contractors both among the members of SRO and among the construction companies of the city, which are not members of the Association, is made on a quarterly basis. The purpose of the event is to increase responsibility, performance discipline and quality of work of contractors involved in construction, reconstruction and overhaul of facilities in the territory of Yekaterinburg, as well as to promote the best of them in the construction market of the city. And the rating is formed by the builders themselves: an anonymous survey among the largest general contractors and developers of the city is conducted.

The rating of conscientious contractors, regularly made by SRO Association of Ural builders, has allowed to generate the list of worthy representatives of a building branch in a city and area which can be useful not only to professionals, but also usual citizens. One of the traditional and mass events in the capital of the Urals was the annual celebration of the Builder's Day. Preparation for the professional holiday includes a number of events in which the Urals Association of Builders takes part. It is an annual national competition "Stroimaster" on a rank of the best on a trade among building specialities, and also competition "Glory of the person of work". With the active participation of the Association, a city sports day for builders and a beauty contest among employees of construction companies "Mrs. Stroykompleks" are held. The citywide celebration of Builder's Day is held in the V.V. Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Mayakovsky Park. In 2016, over 50,000 people attended festive events. On this day, not only builders but also citizens gather in the central city park. The main stage honors the best in the profession, presents awards to the winners of the Olympics, presents charming finalists of Mrs. Stroykompleks. Among the guests of the festival there are valuable prizes for cars and certificates of purchase of apartments.

Since 2014, SRO Association of Ural builders has been one of the organizers of the International Forum of High-rise and Unique Construction 100+ Forum Russia.