Address: Khlebnyy per., 2/3с2, Moscow, Russia, 121069
Phone: +7 (495) 648-17-14

Interfax is a strategic media partner of 100+ Forum Russia

The history of the group Interfax started in 1989: in July of that year a group of journalists created a news agency which became the first nongovernmental channel of real-time political and economic information about the USSR. In twenty years Interfax worked their way up from the first independent news agency in the Soviet Union having introduced revolutionary news coverage standards up to the biggest diversified information group on the CIS territory.

Independence, objectiveness, accuracy, completeness, and promptness have always been the main priorities of Interfax. Interfax knows deeply its sources of information and has a unique experience in the methodology of its collect, processing and delivery. The products from Interfax have become an industrial standard in the stock market, energy and metallurgy sectors.

Today Interfax’s fields of activities include Political and Economic News, Fundamental and Stock Market Data, Risk Management Decisions, Marketing, Investor Relations and PR.