100+ DIGEST #1

VII International Forum and Expo 100+ TechnoBuild is planned to be hosted in Yekaterinburg on October 6-8 with the support of the Russian Ministry of Construction as well as Sverdlovsk Region Government and Yekaterinburg City Administration.

Despite current challenges connected with the new COVID-19 pandemic, we are proactive in preparing for the forum and expo.  The final decision on the format of the event will be made in July.

The main theme for this year's 100+ is Conscious Building. We'll take a deep look at the concepts of well-thought-out and conscious development of urban infrastructure that has a direct influence on quality of life for citizens. With the pandemic, the subject has reached a new level of relevance.

During this quarantine time, we have hosted a number of thematic webinars, an open interview and a Zoom Talk in preparation for 100+. Live recordings are available on our YouTube channel, or you can follow these links:

The business program of the forum is planned to include 90 events with more than 350 invited speakers from Russia and other countries. Many of them have already confirmed their participation.

Takaharu Tezuka. President, Tezuka Architects. Mr. Tezuka was born in Tokyo where he studied architecture at Musashi Institute of Technology. He also graduated from University of Pennsylvania with the same major. The primary focus of his firm is in attention to people and their indoor activities as well as interconnection.  This is clearly seen in their projects of schools, office buildings and hospitals.

Diego Lo Presti. Professor, Geotechnical Engineering, University of Pisa. Mr. Presti will share his experience of the Morandi Bridge reconstruction in Genoa. The viaduct of the bridge partially collapsed in August 2018. At this moment, its reconstruction is almost completed.

Timur Zharkov. CTO, Uponor Rus. Mr. Zharkov will give a talk on the topic of effective solutions for removing heat gains with the help of cooling surfaces.  One of these effective solutions, namely a floor cooling system, has been successfully implemented in Bangkok International Airport as well as Domodedovo and many other facilities.

Exposition: 100+ Urban Technology

Urban Infrastructure. This is the first year when the theme has received its own thematic cluster of the expo. It is planned to showcase communal infrastructure, recreational spaces (parks, squares, playgrounds and leisure areas), transport systems (network of streets, pedestrian lanes, cycleways etc.).

Among the exhibitors of this theme will be CNTO KSI, a Chelyabinsk company. The company is a manufacturer of lifting platforms as well as equipment for entrance lobbies of buildings for the physically challenged that adheres to the requirements of the Accessible Environment state program.

Novouralskiy Zavod Metallokonstruktsiy will showcase its Svet Ulits (Street Lights) products – innovative illumination systems and products for street amelioration.

At the moment, we have received more than 30 participant applications from companies from 9 cities and 6 regions of Russia.

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