100+ DIGEST #6

"A way to restore a historic Palazzo and build a modern sport facility with the help of digital technologies"

100+ Forum Russia business program has expanded. New speakers have confirmed their participation:

  • Jean Luca Vallerini – Founder, Incide Engineering. His company works with projects of any difficulty and scale all over the world: from skyscrapers and large span structures to innovative construction systems and materials. However, the main focus areas for the company are: industrial structures, airports, stadiums and special constructions. The company took part in the projects of: Aspire Tower (318 metres tall) built in Doha, capital of Qatar; Millenium Tower (170 metres tall) build in Abuja, capital of Nigeria. Incide Engineering are the authors of structural designs for steel structures Cimolai Spа in the trading terminal of the international airport in Doha. At 100+ Forum Russia, Jean Luca Vallerini will give a speech titled Digital Solutions for Restoration of a Historic Building – Palazzo Roccabonella in Padua.
  • Marina Korol – CEO, OOO Konkurator. The company does BIM-designs – from development of BIM-strategies and BIM-standards of organisation to staff training and integration of informational modelling. At 100+ Forum Russia, Marina Korol will talk about international BIM standards as well as professional certification of BIM-specialists by BuildingSMART Int in Russia.
  • Oleg Panitkov – CEO, NP Assotsiatsiya Derevyannogo Domostroyeniya, will talk about international experience in building sports facilities.
  • Alexander Popov – Co-founder and CEO, Archimatika. This company designs residential, educational and office complexes that are built all over Ukraine. One of the firm's projects is currently in progress in Ekaterinburg. Archimatika also recently presented its first project for Manhattan (New York City). Alexander Popov's speech topic at 100+ Forum Russia is Housing as a Service: New Quality of Housing for an Extremely Urban Lifestyle.

Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation will hold a discussion on the topic of Legislative Innovations in C.C.R.F: Project and Expert Support for the Construction Industry.

100+ Technologies for cities have received new participant applications:

  • OOO ALDEN will present its robotization technologies of reinforced concrete structures production for subsequent erection of residential and public buildings and manufacturing of innovative enclosure structures;
  • AO TATPROF will showcase translucent structures, both with and without thermal break as well as nontransparent enclosure structures with decorative functions;
  • The Elementi Stilya company will present its lightweight architectural decor made of polymer concrete with stone texture which is used for decorations on facades of commercial real estate;
  • OOO Avenir will present interior greening – use of live plants and stabilised moss as materials in interior design.
  • The Department of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastral Records and Cartography for Sverdlovsk Region will introduce visitors of the eexhibition to the SMART Rosreestr software, the Rosreestr school and the Unified State Register of Immovable Property;

Close to 100 partnerships were formed across all events. Preparation for 100+ Forum Russia has been the subject of 954 articles written by both federal and regional media –

from Vladivostok and Khabarovsk to Grozny, Sochi and Kaliningrad.