100+ DIGEST #7

100+ Forum Russia
Digest № 8
9-13 September, 2019

100+ Forum Russia gathers more participants from all over the country

For the first time in the history of the forum, among the participants of its business program and the exhibition 100+ Technologies for cities will be mayors of Evpatoriya and Krasnogorsk as well as Deputy Minister of Construction for the Republic of Sakha.  Among the returning participants will be representatives from the Ministries of Construction for the regions of Chelabinsk, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk as well as a delegation from Sevastopol.

Business program

The list of speakers at 100+ Forum Russia has expanded in the last week and now includes:

  • Vera Burtseva – CEO, BURO TEKHNIKI. The company defines itself this way: "an engineering firm with scientific methods and family values". BURO TEKHNIKI is a combination of physicists, mathematicians, ecologists, engineers and construction people who create comfortable conditions for work and life in general. Their team was involved in modelling of Krestovsky Stadium (Saint-Petersburg) with the goal of assessing micro-climate quality for a VIP-loge and locker rooms. BURO TEKHNIKI is also simultaneously involved in LEED-certification of several objects in Skolkovo Innovation Center. At 100+ Forum Russia, Vera Burtseva will give a speech with the title Sustainable Development in Construction. Engineering Solutions and Assessment of Economical Benefits for Clients.
  • Andreas Bachmann – Doctor of Engineering and CEO of OOO Seele Rus. This company is a leader in constructing facades and roofs. Seele's work is seen all over the world – from European countries to Saudi Arabia, the USA, Australia and Thailand. At 100+ Forum Russia, Andreas Bachmann will speak about modern plate glass structures.
  •  Sergey Trukhanov  – Head, T+T Architects. The firm participates in architectural and interior design projects. T+T are initial letters of two English words, TRANSPARENCY and TERRITORY, which are the two parts of the firm's motto. T+T Architects' portfolio includes complexes all over Russia: "Aleksandrovskiy Sad" in Ekaterinburg, Klubnyy Dom in Grozny, the multi-purpose complex EXE in Chelyabinsk as well as an interior design project for the innovation center of Gazprom on New Holland Island in Saint-Petersburg. At 100+ Forum Russia, Sergey Trukhanov will give a speech on modern improvement directions and urban redevelopment.

Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of Sverdlovsk Region will host a session which will be a part of the business program of the forum, titled Digital Transformation in Urban Development.

Exhibition: 100+ Technologies for cities

The exhibition has received new participant applications:

  • Intersvyaz company will showcase ready-made solutions which have already been implemented within Intersvyaz Smart City: automated collection of metered values; an automated emergency response system; remote control of public lighting. Visitors will also be introduced to the innovative house intercom system Smart Intercom which allows to use phones to respond to buzzes, call property management companies and emergency services through intercom.
  • OOO TD ARKOS will showcase both its own products – connectors and pipe fittings – and those of their partners – PEX-B system, steel panel radiators, shut-off and control valves and balancing valves.
  • Akademmekhanizatsiya enterprise will present its large vehicle park. For instance, their automobile crane MAZ with maximum capacity of 25 tons.
  • BILDING KRAN company sells and rents out tower cranes and construction site hoists.  BILDING KRAN specialists and their partners developed a mobile app, available both on IOS and Android, which allows companies to process request with maximum efficiency and clients to monitor progress live.

100+ Forum Russia in media

1038 articles have been published on the subject of preparation for 100+ Forum Russia both in federal and regional media, among which are Stroitelnaya Gazeta, Stroitelniy Ezhenedelnik, Visotnie Zdaniya magazine and Stroitelniy Biznes news agency.