100+ DIGEST #8

100+ Forum Russia
Digest № 8
September 16-20, 2019

Official updates

Muslim Magomed-Yaragievich Zaipullaev, Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector for the Republic of Chechnya, is coming to Ekaterinburg to participate in 100+ Forum Russia. Participation confirmations have also been received from a Magadan Oblast delegation, headed by Gennady Shotovich Gulmisaryan, Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector, a delegation from Yakutsk and Evgeny Valerievich Voroshilov, Chief Architect of Novy Urengoi.

100+ Forum Russia Business Program

New speaker confirmations have been received for the forum:

  • Yury Tabunshchikov – President, non-commercial partnership "AVOK". This organization is a long-time partner of the forum. On October 29, the partnership will host the Forum of Engineering Systems in High-Risers as part of 100+ Forum Russia. Yury Tabunshchikov will give a talk on the topic The Art of Engineering and Architecture in Modern High Risers.
  • Elija Kozak – Designer and Urbanist, MVRDV (A Winy Maas architecture firm from the Netherlands). Elija's area of expertise is strategic urban development with emphasis on projects in Russia and Russian-speaking countries. For instance, RED7, the first completed project in Russia (a three-dimensional M-shaped apartment complex in Moscow, 52 thousand sq. m.) and development of designs for ITMO Highpark campus in Saint-Petersburg.  Elija will take part in discussions dedicated to parks (October 30) and cities of the future (October 31), where she will talk about her company's projects Seoullo 7017 Skygarden in Seould and the company's concept of cities of the future development: Freeland, The Vertical Village and Egocity.
  • Igor Manylov – Head, Main Department of State Expertise, a regular partner in organizing 100+ Forum Russia. FAI Main Department of State Expertise will host a round-table discussion with the goal of discussing strategies of developing construction expertise, current issues of construction standardizing and pricing, particularities of performing engineering and geological studies in the process of preparing project documentation for high-rise constructions, issues of design of water supply and drainage systems.

Speakers at the session Digital Security in Cities of the Future:

  • Kirill Kruglov – Senior Researcher and Developer at INSCERT, a development team at Kaspersky Lab. Kirill will talk about identification of cyber threats and the process of battling them in the infrastructure of smart buildings management.
  • Sergey Kazakov – Sergey Kazakov – Head of Certification Center for a leading Russian developer of online-services for accounting and business SKB Kontur. Sergey will talk about digital signatures in the areas of construction and real estate.

Exhibition 100+ Technologies for cities

  • AOCG Company will show visitors the first 3D-printer produced in Russia. Its purpose is to use concrete to print low storey houses, small architectural forms and complex facades of construction elements. This printer allows to print in such a way that completed walls only need final smoothing.
  • BIOTUM will present its waterproofing materials which can be applied to surfaces of any geometric forms without prior preparation.
  • FENSMA will showcase innovative technologies in the area of geotechnical construction: the so-called "slurry wall", bored piles and jet grouting.
  • Institute Giprostroymost – Saint-Petersburg will present examples of development of unique bridge and stadium projects.
  • Exprof, Ltd. will exhibit "breathing" windows with a unique internal ventilation system, PVC profiles for windows, doors and other translucent structures.
  • Gotika plant will present highly durable paving slabs, curb stones and facade stones as well as breast walls elements.

100+ Forum Russia in media

Various  media outlets on the regional as well as federal level have already published 1112 articles about the process of preparation for 100+ Forum Russia in total. The forum has 99 media partnerships in 27 regions of Russia, out of which 31 are with state media, 16 are with regional domain-specific media and 52 are with informational and analytical publishers and TV channels.