100+ DIGEST #9

100+ Forum Russia
September 23-27, 2019

Official updates

Confirmations for 100+ Forum Russia participation have been received from seven delegations of regional ministries of construction of Russia and six delegations of city administrations.

100+ Forum Russia Business Program

Confirmations have been received from:

  • Juliet Jiang  – Senior Vice President, BROADGroup. This company's portfolio includes construction of a 30-storey building in 15 days, which marked an improvement of their previous record of erecting a 15-storey building in a week. The company's area of expertise are buildings with prefabricated constructions. The main working principles in BROADGroup are implementation of unique technology and life protection. Juliet Jiang is going to give a lecture on Sustainability in Action and will take part in the session Transport in Cities of the Future. At the session, she will speak about technology developed by BROADGroup which help to lower the weight of cars by 40-60% while making them more reliable and stable on the road and significantly lowering their fuel consumption rates. Both sessions are scheduled for October 31.
  • CITYTHINKING – an international company from Spain whose specialty is in development of territory development concepts, master-planning and modular designs for low-cost housing. In 2014, the company implemented the parametric urban design method for the first time in its history with the goal of creating a multi-functional compact environment that simultaneously meets a large number of criteria. Their project Ispanskie Kvartaly in Moscow is representative of the company's efforts to make affordable housing more comfortable to live in. CITYTHINKING will be represented by several people at the session A Master Plan for Cities of the Future which will take place on October 31.
  • Konstantin Sokolov – Director of Moscow office, Semrén & Månsson. Konstantin will give a speech on the topic of Multistorey Wooden Housing in Sweden. History of Development and Current Opportunities which will be a part of the first day forum Wooden Housing in Cities of the Future. Semrén & Månsson's values are Swedish design, Swedish quality, energy efficiency and extensive knowledge of local environments, which makes the company one of the leaders on the global architecture market.  
  • Renat Gabdullin – Head of Regional Sales Group in Ural, Siberia and Far East regions, Siemens. Renat will be a part of the session Digitalization of Cities on October 31, where he will speak about implementation of energy efficiency systems into the intelligent infrastructure of cities.
  • USUAA Museum of Architecture and Design will host a session on October 31 titled From Dreams to Reality: Cases of Project Development for Revaluation of Industrial Heritage. The session will be held at the Sverdlovsk Region stand.

Alexander Popov, co-founder and CEO of the architectural bureu Archimatika, gave an exclusive interview where he talked about entering new markets as well as what kind of architects attract clients today and how to develop projects that adhere to the philosophy of Slowliving.

Exposition: 100+ Urban Technology

  • AO Motostroy-11 – one of the leaders among diversified construction companies in Russia – will exhibit BIM-technology as well as that of 3D-modeling and 3D-scanning, smart hard hats;
  • OOO Novouralskiy Trubniy Zavod will showcase modern PE pipes for watersupply and gas-supply as well as parts and accessories for pipeline installations;
  • OOO IC StroyExpert  will exhibit its BIM-technology for designs in residential, civil and industrial construction.
  • Penetron Russia Group of Companies will show its concrete waterproofing with increased water resistance, cold resistance and corrosion resistance which gives concrete the ability to "self-heal" cracks of up to 0,4 mm in width.
  • Non-commercial partnership Uralskaya Palata Nedvizhimosti will demonstrate its realtor booking service called FlatSeller which was created to help real estate specialists to purchase flats from developers.  The database of the service includes newly erected buildings in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region.

100+ Forum Russia in media

Various  media outlets on the regional as well as federal level have already published a total of 1273 articles about the process of preparation for 100+ Forum Russia. The largest number of forum mentions is seen in domain-specific and business media – 933 articles. Federal media are second in the number of mentions at 209 articles. Regional media from Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region are third at 131 articles.