ARCH EURASIA International Forum 2018

Asian skyscrapers or European low-rise blocks? In Ekaterinburg, experts will discuss promising residential development formats in the Eurasian space.

In December 2018, the venue of 100+ Forum Russia in Ekaterinburg is hosting ARCH EURASIA 2018 First International Architecture, Urban Planning and Design Forum which will become a geocentric communication venue for city planners, urbanists, architects and designers of the Eurasian continent.

The idea of creating a large discussion venue for international experts emerged alongside another major event - the convergence of two respected architecture and design competitions held in the Urals.

Mikhail Vyatkin, Honored Architect of Russia, Curator of Working Group within the Organizing Committee:

- Last year, the Regional Association of the Union of Architects hosting “Master’s Hand” Review Contest under its auspices for many years and the Organizing Committee of the “Eurasian Prize” International Competition and Festival of Architecture and Design decided to join forces. The idea is that the new powerful professional contest that inherited the name “Eurasian Prize” will bring the professional community together and identify best experts in architecture, city planning and design in the Eurasian space.  

At the same time, it was important for us not only to create a relevant competition program but also to initiate the dialogue with Russian and foreign experts, discuss the most acute issues of architecture, city planning and design that the whole professional community is facing. This is how we got the idea of ARCH EURASIA International Forum.

The business program of ARCH EURASIA will take place within 100+ Forum Russia International Forum of High-Rise and Unique Construction annually held in the capital of the Urals; it has already achieved the status of one of the most important professional events among Russian and foreign experts. Both events will take place at the venue of Ekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Center on December 5 through 7, 2018, which will involve the maximum number of experts into the discussion.

We can reasonably assume that this kind of merger will yield significant synergy effect and turn Ekaterinburg into a prominent center of city planning, architecture and design development throughout the Eurasian space. Mikhail Volkov, Minister of Construction and Infrastructure of the Sverdlovsk Region, hopes that ARCH EURASIA 2018 will complement the theme-specific content of 100+ Forum Russia, making it possible to discuss relevant topics of architecture, city planning and design with professionals from the leading countries of the Eurasian space and select the most efficient direction of development that contemporary cities will take. “Such an event means a good chance for Ekaterinburg and the Middle Urals to become the center of combining best city planning practices”, Head of the region’s Ministry of Construction declared.

The program of ARCH EURASIA 2018 Forum includes:

  • Architectural Congress (December 5, 2018);
  • Design and Technologies Summit (December 5, 2018);
  • Formal International Competition Award Ceremony 
    Eurasian Prize and Master’s Hand Grand Prix (December 6, 2018);
  • Exhibition & Installation of Architectural and Design Projects and 
    Latest Materials and Technologies for Architecture and Design Industry (December 5 - 7, 2018).

The Organizing Committee is planning to host ARCH EURASIA Forum annually, every time selecting a new, relevant topic for discussion. The First Forum in December 2018 will feature the discussion of issues related to designing and building comfortable housing and providing new life quality within Eurasian space countries united by the notion of the Silk Road.

Architects and city planners, developers and builders, structural and design engineers, designers and decorators from Russia, CIS and other foreign countries will get together for a constructive dialogue, sharing experience and discussing the topic of Housing Within the Eurasian Space.

Selection of Forum participants’ geography was driven by the idea of the Silk Road. Japan, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands - this is the chain of countries in store for the most intense development of cities, industry, and logistics. And creating a discussion venue for sharing technologies and achievements in city planning, architecture and design in Ekaterinburg located at the junction of Europe and Asia is recognized as a justified and very correct step.

Due to unique geographical position, Ekaterinburg incorporated elements of both European and Asian approaches to architecture and city planning. Nowadays, the main task is identifying in what direction the Ural capital should go, what city planning practices, technologies and quality standards for the urban environment should be applied. ARCH EURASIA Forum opens up extensive opportunities for further development of Ekaterinburg and cities within the Ekaterinburg agglomeration, making it possible to summarize the diverse experience of foreign colleagues to eventually find its own unique way.

More about ARCH EURASIA Forum

ARCH EURASIA Forum organizers:

  • Sverdlovsk Regional Office of the Union of Architects of Russia.
  • Regional Public Organization of Assistance 
    to Cultural Development of the Sverdlovsk Region.
  • International Academy of Architecture. Moscow Branch (IAAM).
  • Ural Regional Office of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences.

Organizing Committee of ARCH EURASIA Forum:

Tel.: +7 (343) 28-777-35
Working Group Leader
Galina Bukova, +7 91224 52 872