At 100+ Forum Russia architects will demonstrate how constructionist building could be turned into an investment project

An Urbanist Nikita Suchkov, a graduate student of National Research Institute Higher School of Economics of its Higher School of Urban Planning named after A.A. Vysokovsky, will host a session where experts will tell the audience how to maintain the cultural heritage along with implementation of a reference project.

Jean-Louis Coen, a distinguished historian, professor of New Your University of Fine Arts will speak at the Forum. Alexey Ginsburg, the architect, Nikolay Pereslegin, the renovation project designer for “Dom Narkomfina” and “Izvestia” in Moscow and partner for Kleinwelt Architecten, confirmed their participation in the Forum. Alexandra Selivanova, Senior Research Expert of the Museum of Moscow and Supervisor of the Shabolovka Avantgarde Center, Nadezhda Hort, expert in heritage Economics of the Higher School of Urban Planning, Elena Melvl, Director of ZIL Cultural Center will also visit the Forum.

Expert plan to discuss the world practice of managing the cultural heritage and model redevelopment of sites. Hence, they will speak about renovation and establishment of cultural industry. Experts will discuss practice along with economic and legal effects in such projects.

This session will be open for everyone interested. Participation in the Forum is free of charge. Registration is required.

Nikita Suchkov is the supervisor of the exhibition and educational project “Days of Constructivism in the Urals” and of the Museum-Educational Center “Cell F”.

F-type Cells are the type of apartment developed by architects in the 20-ies of the last century. Such type of residential space was designed by the architect Moisey Ginsburg. The main idea of the project is in maximum limitation of spaces and limited use of construction materials. One of such cells in Ekatreinburg UralOblSovet House was converted into a museum exhibition devoted to Ginsburg Heritage. Detailed information is provided at the page of the Museum-Educational Center “Cell F”

Free tours to “Cell F” Museum will be available for “100+ Forum Russia” Participants in the days of the Forum, October 4-6, 2017.