At INNOPROM 100+ Forum Russia introduced an architecture guide of Ekaterinburg

At “Innoprom-2017” the Organizing Committee of 100+ Forum Russia introduced an architectural guide of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk. Presentation took place at the exhibition stand of Ekaterinburg City Administration.

The Organizing Committee was the partner of the Project. Initially the guide was sponsored by a crowdfunding project that engaged about 160 persons. They were given their gift copies at the presentation.

The Guide was introduced by Alexy Kozhemyako, the Acting Head of Ekateriburg City Administration, Polina Ivanova, the Author of the Guide and the Head of “Sverdlovsk Regional Public Organization “Group of initiatives in architecture, events and communication”, Vladimir Bykodorov, Deputy Director of Sverdlovsk Regional Local History Museum and Sergey Skrobov, the Custodian of Ekaterinburg History Museum Holdings.

Alexey Kozhemyako: “This Guide will be interesting both for residents and guests of our city. This is a massive, profound and extremely important project for Ekaterinburg”.

Polina Ivanova: “We decided to tell people not only about isolated buildings, but about public areas in the city”. So far, we have eight routes. Some of pictures and drawings were published for the first time. We were looking for archive records all over the city. Tremendous help for publishers was provided by the staff of Sverdlolvsk Archive and from the Museum of Ekaterinburg History and also by passionate residents who took part in the crowdfunding project. 100+ Forum Organizers joined us in spring and their support helped us to implement our project.”

The Guide of Sverdlovsk and Ekaterinburg was published especially before the 100+ Forum Russia Forum of High-Rise and Unique Construction that will take place in Ekaterinburg, October 4-6, 2017.