Genoa architecture bureau is interested in Yekaterinburg forum

Representatives of TEKE VESPIER ARCHITECTS are planning to attend 100+ Forum Russia in October.

After the visit of the official delegation of the Administration of Yekaterinburg and representatives of the Forum’s Steering Committee to Genoa (Italy) in the end of the last year, representatives of TEKE VESPIER ARCHITECTS wrote that they were very interested in 100+ Forum Russia and would like to participate in this major event. The founder of the architecture bureau used to work at Renzo Piano Building Workshop (an international architecture company with offices in Paris and Genoa); he has worked under the supervision of Renzo Piano for over 15 years.

Italian experts has demonstrated great interest to Yekaterinburg architecture projects and the program of the city’s comprehensive development.

The company’s website states that this bureau’s projects are winners of World Architecture Award, T-House, winners of Young Architect Award in 2015 and winners of 2016 – 15 National Architecture Award, T-House.