White birds will “come flying” to the Iset Embankment

This year, the birds have become a symbol of the International Forum of High-rise and Unique Construction. They will be placed on the Iset River Embankment near the Makarovsky Bridge. A fencing of the former mill house will be decorated with the new graffiti design.

Vera Belous, Executive Director of “Gildiya Stroiteley Urala” (Urals Civil Engineers’ Guild), executive secretary of the Organizing Committee of 100+ Forum Russia: “An artistic project on the Embankment of the City Pond is devoted to one of significant events in the city – the international forum for high-rise and unique construction 100+ Forum Russia. The birds, a symbol of home, have been picked as a symbol of 100+, because they have no boundaries and the height of 100 meters and more is not a limit for them. This summer, we plan to install several other art-objects devoted to 100+ Forum Russia in various areas of the city.”

The event of creating a new city artistic object is held in the framework of preparation to the Forum of High-Rise and Unique Construction 100+ Forum Russia that will take place in Ekaterinburg, October 5-7, 2016.

The event is initiated by Gildiya Stroiteley Urala together with UMMC Holding.  200 kg of paint for a 200 meters long fence have been provided by Derufa.

The graffiti work will take place up till June 30.