Secrets of a super skyscraper construction Jeddah Tower will be unveiled at 100+ Forum for the first time

Rolph Katzenbakh, Professor of Darmstadt Technical Unversity (Germany) will make a presentation on engineering survey for construction of a super high-rise building in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah Tower (previously Kingdom Tower) is the highest building in the world and is being built in thirty kilometers from the town of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Declared designed height - 1007 m. In the beginning the designed height was about 1.5 kilometers (about 1 mile), however when the ground at construction site was studied, the height was reduced to one kilometer. Construction of Jeddah Tower was started in 2013 and it is planned to complete construction in 2019. Jeddah Tower was designed by Adrian Smith Design Bureau that designed 828m “Burj Khalifa” Tower in Dubai. More than 53 stories were erected by May 2017, which is about 200 meters.

Agenda of the 100+ Forum Russia will also include presentations of Rolph Katzenbach, Doctor of Science, Professor and Director of Research Institute of Geotechnics and Darmstadt Technical University. Well-known expert in construction of complex structures in non-standard geological conditions will tell the audience about experience of engineering survey for construction of the highest skyscraper in the world, that is being constructed in Saudi Arabia. He will also share his experience in design and calculation of construction processes and monitoring of Jeddah Tower and other buildings.

Rolph Katzenbakh is known as an expert in underground structures, ground mechanics and geoteсhnics. As an expert he collaborates with many European construction companies and is involved in cooperative projects of high-rise construction in Germany and other countries including Russia. Professor Katzenbach has developed his own methods and successfully shares his experience with other experts. In his project portfolio he has projects on deep excavation, tunneling, rock stability and porous rock, along with site-oriented modeling of geotechnical structures.