The Forum for High-Rise and Unique Construction 100+ Forum Russia will discuss the issues of urban space improvement

At the IV International Forum for High-Rise and Unique Construction 100+ Forum Russia, they will discuss the issues of implementation of the priority project on improvement of urban space, as Mikhail Men, Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, said at the meeting of the Forum Organizing Committee on April 6.

 “This is the only public event of such scale in the country, where they do not speak on construction in general, but discuss specific topics of science and technology. They are largely connected with the work of the Russian Ministry of Construction and its subordinated institutions. And this year, we will have included in the program the issues of implementation of the priority project of creating comfortable urban environment”, - added Mikhail Men, Chairman of the Forum Organizing Committee.

The meeting was attended by Evgeniy Kuyvashev, Governor of the Sverdlovsk Oblast, who informed that the Forum is a driver of the construction market growth both in the Sverdlovsk Oblast and in the entire country: “It is a venue where professionals and businesses are ready to present their products for consideration by customers. The relevance of the event is justified by impartial statistics–the event was attended by professionals from 17 countries in 2016, as well as by many Russian construction companies, architectural bureaus and developers”.  Except the key topic, the issues of building bridges and big span structures, megalopolises’ underground space development, construction of roads and urban transport infrastructure, reconstruction and restoration of the architectural legacy objects and other themes will be discussed at the Forum in 2017.

Deputy Minister of Construction Elena Sierra, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Council of Federation  for Federal Structure, Regional Policy, Local Self-Governance and Affairs of the North Arkady Chernetsky, Member of the State Duma, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Transport and Construction Sergey Bidonko and others have also taken part in the meeting.