An annual assembly of the European Civil Engineering Education And Training Association — EUCEET will be held in the framework of 100+ Forum Russia, in Ekaterinburg, on October 5, 2017. The event will be attended by the Administrative Council of the Association including its President, Professor of the City University of London Laurence Frederick Boswell, Vice-President, Professor of the University of Piza Diego Lo Presti and other members.

EUCEET will have a round table meeting in the framework of the forum, where its participants will discuss the development trends of civil engineering education in Europe. The agenda of the meeting includes the issues of higher schools’ cooperation with the European civil engineering sector, cooperation between different civil engineering higher schools, organization of practical training in course of study, updating of educational standards and programs, etc. Participants of the round table meeting will consider the opportunity of European internship programs and grants for students.

Currently, the European Civil Engineering Education and Training — EUCEET is the biggest European network in the field of civil engineering, including colleges and universities, as well as firms, companies, research centers and professional associations. The Association includes 107 universities. For more details, please visit http://www.euceet.eu/