Will skyscrapers generate comfortable city environment?

100+ Forum Russia will launch a discussion on residential dominants in cities like Neskuchny Home&Spa, as an example.

In the beginning of this year Donskoy District of the capital city launched unique high-rise residential complex “Neskuchny HOME&SPA”. Five residential towers from 140 m to 262 m high will be situated next to well known Neskuchny Garden.

Leading Russian Design Bureau “Atrium” was involved in development of design for high-rise residences. Anton Nadtochy, the founder and Head of Design Bureau offers to take Neskuchny HOME&SPA as an example and discuss the following topics:

  • new architecture dominant as a center of culture and tourist attraction in the city,
  • intensive city concept - development of compact cities as an idea of metropolis development,
  • features of design of residential complex with dense and well-suited environment,
  • design of inner transit spaces as public areas,
  • residential complex in negative surrounding; converting disadvantages into merits,
  • public communities at height.

Representative of the company М.К.З who also worked at design documentation for high-rise complex will tell the audience about best design solutions including vertical shafts for ideal apartment floor plans, and vertical transport for reduction of the elevator waiting time in the high-rise building. М.К.З experts shall share their experience in development of technical requirements on performance of safety standards in high-rise towers and methods of construction of the pit in limited surrounding.

“Atrium” -design bureau with more than 20 years of experience, which allows solving any tasks: from separate elements of design to functions of the Main Designer, from creation of interior and landscape to integrated urban development projects.

Company М.К.З is focused on design and management of construction projects in all stages from front-end engineering design to acceptance of buildings. It offers the most recent design methods including BIM-technologies. The sphere of out activity: all types of constructions (industrial, administrative and residential buildings, hotels, shopping malls, warehouse, etc).