International Forum of Construction Design Engineers and Structural Engineers

INTERCONSTROY-2019. Problems of simulation and design using software complexes, and methods to solve them
Hall №3.7
October 29 2019
16:30 - 18:00
Head of LC 7 Seismic Safety in Construction, TС 465 "Construction", AO NIC Stroitelstvo
Topics of presentations:
1.Modeling and computations of large-panel buildings using Lira-SAPR software Search of a constructive solution to the built-in flexible floor for public spaces
Chief Engineer, Lira Service
2.Typical errors of simulation and computation of buildings and structures
Technical Director, LIRA software
3.On the unity of the rules for design results documentation of calculations for project purposes (example of a standard report)
Andrey V. Teplykh, Deputy General Director for Marketing, NPF SCAD SOFT LLC
4.Assessment of structural design of searing structures: common mistakes in work within the framework of BIM technology. Practices of expert evaluation of the results of static and dynamic calculations taking into account the change in the design scheme ove
General Director, Tech-Soft
5.Techniques for refinement in SCAD Office and instrumental validation of dynamic parameters of monolithic high-rise buildings and ground bases
Senior Manager, SCAD office, Technical support, Novosibirsk
6.Ideas to improve the performance of engineering software
Deputy Head of Bridge Settlement, Institute Giprostroymost - Saint-Petersburg