Preservation of Cultural Heritage Objects. How to Give a Second Life to an Object. Section 2
Hall №1
October 4 2017
Professor, Ural Federal University
Vice-Rector for Research and Design, Ural State University of Architecture and Art
Topics of presentations:
1.Example of public-private partnership under the program of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation "Lease for one ruble" in the restoration and adaptation of a cultural heritage object of Madrid hotel building.
Deputy Director, The Great Silk Road
2.Practical experience of applying laser scanning technology to preserve cultural heritage objects.
CEO, Trimetary Consulting
3.Topic TBD
Danil Znachkov, Deputy General Director - Head of the Customer Service, "Sinara-Development" JSC
4.Electrical work at cultural heritage objects: complexity and technological solutions.
Chief of Electrical Installation and Low Voltage Department, ADS-ELECTRO
5.The experience of preparing a project for restoration with the cultural heritage object relocation in Yekaterinburg.
Professor, Ural Federal University