Position:Project manager
Employer:M.K.3 Engineering

Graduated from the Faculty of Economy and Management in Construction at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) in 2001.

2000 – 2004: SMU-13 of Mosmetrostroy (transport construction), Engineer of Operations and Technical Department, Deputy Department Head (Russia, Moscow);

2004 – 2007: Unilever CIS (food and chemical products), Design and Estimate Engineer (Russia, Moscow);

2007 – 2011: Pfleiderer MDF (wood processing and chemical production), Construction Manager (Russia, Vel.Novgorod);

2011 – 2012: NNE Pharmaplan (specialized designing company), Project Manager (Denmark, Russia, Moscow);

03/2012 – till now: M.K.3 Engineering (design company), Project Manager (Russia, Moscow).

Design and Engineering Bureau M.K.3 was founded by French engineer Robert Maldonado in 1994. They design over 500 000 sq.m. per year for 23 years of work on the market, acting as a general designer, technical customer and certified BREEAM   auditor.  They have over 400 projects performed all over Russia and CIS countries, in residential, office, commercial and industrial real estate sectors, including some unique and high-rise buildings. ВIM-design and a patented method of leading projects, based on the best world practices. The company has its offices in Moscow and Almaty