Position:R&D Center for Fire Safety
Employer:All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies

Boris Kolchev, Deputy Head of Department of R&D Center for Fire Safety of Research Institute for Fire Protection of Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (VNIIPO of EMERCOM of Russia) Head of Sector since October 2009. Expert in fire safety and fire resistance of buildings, engineering systems, primarily communal, emergency and smoke ventilation. Involved in development of legal and regulatory documentation on fire safety in buildings and structures. One of the authors of SP 7.13130 SP 60.13330, GOST R (over 10) that set methods of fire equipment of buildings (ventilators, fire protection valves, air ducts, fireproof doors, anti-smoke screens), etc. MAnaged PRoject on anti-smoke protection of the TV-Complex Ostankenskaya Tower and for some high-rise buildings in Moscow and other cities of Russia.