Position:Architect of the Future, Post-Graduate Student at MArchI

2014 – graduated from Kazan State University of Architechture and Engineering with honors. 2015 – graduated from Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. He is currently a post-graduate student at MArchI.

An architect of the future. A member of the Union of Architects of Russia. The creator of the utopian comic book that presented the Russian pavilion at the UABB-2015 Re-Living the Cities biennale of urban planning and architecture.

The author of a large number of article in some of the top national and worldwide magazines on architecture: Archi.ru, ArchDaily, Domus, Archspeech, TATLIN NEWS.

Winner of the Silver Badge nomination at the Zodchestvo 2014 festival, 3rd prize winner of the Evolo Skyscraper 2015 competition, one of the finalists at Krob 2014, Is Arch 5th Edition. One of his works, "Cybertopia: The Digital Future of Analog Architectural Space received massive recognition. Its awards list includes diplomas from the Interregional Social Organization for Advancement of Architectural Education, Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Association of Civil Engineering Universities and a "Innovative Architectural Approaches: Visionary of the 21 Century" diploma from the international architectural competition Lazar Khidekel Award.