Employer:Institute for Energy n. a. N. I. Danilov

Vasiliy Fadeev played an integral part in the making of policy documents for Sverdlovsk Region.

Head of Project in creation of the informational system titled Regional Portal on Technological Connection to Electricity Networks, Gas Distribution Systems, Heating Systems as well as Main Water Supply and Discharge Line Systems located in Sverdlovsk Region.

Deputy Head in a Sverdlovsk Region-based project titled Experimental Design of a Network Companies Responsibility System for Not Providing Reliable and Quality Services of Electric Energy Transmission.

Head of organizational project titled Integration of Project Management Principles in Subsidising Municipal Gas Distribution Projects.

In his professional career, Vasiliy has been heavily involved in the energy sector. Among other things, he: designed and implemented programs for the development of fuel and energy sector; managed regional gas infrastructure development programs; organized workflow in the consolidation of gas assets of Sverdlovsk Region; built work processes for the Sverdlovsk Region Energy Supply Reliability Office.