Position:Professor of the Chair «Strength of Materials»
Employer:Moscow State University of Civil Engineering


1978 - GPI, major in: Industrial and Civil Engineering.

1991 - Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov, major in Applied Mathematics.

2012-2015 – doctorate at MSUCE. Defended his Doctor of Engineering Dissertation in 2015.

2004 – till now associate professor, professor at of the Chair «Strength of Materials», MSUCE.

2001-2004 - Head of the Chair of Higher Mathematics at the Russian State Open Technical University of Transport Routes (RGOTUPS).

1996-2004 – associate professor at the Chair of Strength of Materials and Construction Mechanics, RGOTUPS.

1992-1996 – teacher of mathematics, high school No.525 in Moscow

1991-1994 – leading researcher at the Department for Seismic Strength of Facilities, TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko.

1987-1991 - researcher, senior researcher at the R&D Institute Atomenergoproekt.

1983-1987 – junior researcher at the Department of Numerical Methods and Theory of Structures, TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko.

1980-1983 – post-graduate student at

TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko, the Department for Seismic Strength of Facilities.

1978-1980 – engineer at the laboratory of earthquake resistant construction of Tbilisi Zonal Scientific Research and Design Institute.

Part-time work:

2014 – up till now – professor at the Chair of Higher Mathematics, Moscow State Academy of Water Transport

2009-2011 – leading researcher at the Center of Geophysical Research (GIS Research Centre of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Vladikavkaz

2008-2012 – leading researcher at the Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety

2007–2010 – Chief of Laboratory “Theory of Seismic Strength of Facilities”, TSNIISK named after V.A. Koucherenko

1996-2007 - teacher of mathematics, physics and astronomy at high school No 680 in Moscow