Position:Senior Vice President
Employer:BROAD Group

Juliet Jiang joined BROAD and founded BROAD International in 1998, and was its CEO for 12 years. In 2010 Ms Jiang established BROAD Clean Air International & BROAD Sustainable Building International, acting as CEO.

In 2010, she contributed to the successful establishment of COP16 BROAD Pavilion Cancun and invited Mexican President Felipe Calderon to inaugurate the Pavilion with his well-known speech “A New Revolution in the Architectural Industry”.

As a Senior Vice President of BROAD Group since 2012, Ms Jiang has represented BROAD Group many times at international conferences on energy conservation & green buildings.

BROAD Group grabbed international headlines for 6-stories in one day (BROAD Pavilion at EXPO Shanghai), 15-stories in one week (New Ark Hotel), 30-stories in 15 days (T30 Hotel), 57-story Mini Sky City in 19 days. BROAD developed core tubular stainless steel (termed B-Core) slab which is an ultimate structural material. It can not only be used in buildings, bridges, highways, but also in cars, aircraft, wind power…transforming the world’s construction & transportation industry from the root.