Position:Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer
Employer:TSNII Promzdaniy

Candidate of Engineering Sciences.

Graduated in 1987 from the Kuibyshev Moscow Civil Engineering Institute, Faculty of Industrial and Civil Engineering with a degree in civil engineering. Has an academic degree of Candidate of Engineering Sciences.

1987-1993: Engineer, Chief Project Engineer at TsNII Promzdaniy of Gosstroy of the USSR. Received a silver medal of the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy for the development of the 1.462.1-16/88 model series of buildings.

1993-1994: General Director of OOO "YUTEP-ZelVest".

1994-1997: Head of the team of engineers of the MGP "Zelenogradproject" (Workshop #3, Mosproject #2). Took part in designing the residential and public buildings of residential neighborhoods of Zelenograd.

1997-1998: Head of the project office, Head of design engineering department at the Center for Design Products in Construction (GUP CPP).

1998-1999: Chief Project Engineer at UGP "Zelenogradproekt". Took part in designing single-family residences.

1999-2001: Chief Project Engineer at Goldenberg LLC (USA). Took part in designing and construction of private and public buildings.

Since 2011: Deputy Head of ASM-1, Chief Technical Officer, Deputy General Director of AO "TsNII Promzdaniy".

Participated in the role of the Chief Designer in designing and construction of various facilities, including the Sports and Recreation Center of the city of Pushchino, Sports and Recreation Center of the city of Protvino, Kazan stadium, Rostov-on-Don stadium, "Shayba" minor ice arena in the city of Sochi.

Author of more than 10 publications and 1 monograph.