Position:Manufacturing and Marketing Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia

1997 – graduated from Bauman Moscow State University with a major in Conveying, Lifting, Construction and Road Building Machinery and Equipment. 2003 – received supplementary education by graduating the UТС MBA program.

In 1997, joined OTIS Elevator Company ltd. as a maintenance engineer.

In 2000, he took the position of a New Equipment Sales Engineer. In June 2001, he was moved to the Sales Manager position.

In August 2005, he was appointed as the New Equipment Sales Director.

In the period from August, 2010 to March, 2019 he occupied the Manufacturing Director OTIS Eastern Europe position as well as the General Manager position at Scherbinka OTIS Lift.

Igor Mayorov's official job titles since March 2019 are Manufacturing Director OTIS Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as General Manager at Scherbinka OTIS Lift.