Position:Deputy General Director in charge of Innovation

She graduated from MISI-MGSU, defended her thesis. She worked as an associate professor at the Department of Technical operation of buildings.

Since 2009, she is Deputy Director in charge of Science at NIISF RAASN She is dealing with the thermal protection of buildings, energy saving, assessment of thermal protection qualities of the cladding with reflective heat insulation.

The main target of NIISF RAASN is reliable, environmentally safe and comfortable human environment in the buildings and in areas with efficient use of resources and energy saving / NIISF RAASN is a leading scientific and expert center in Russia in the field of construction physics, construction products durability and protection against harmful environmental factors. RDICP RAACS has a unique research and experiments base that has no counterparts in Russia, comprising controlled climate chambers, test benches, and other equipment for modeling the acoustic, dynamic, thermal and humidity, et al. effects experienced by civil engineering structures and components