Position:Chief Researcher at the Training R&D Laboratory for Aerodynamic Testing of Construction Structures NRU MSUCE
Employer:Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

In 1992, he graduated from the Mechanical and Mathematical Faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

Professor, Doctor of Engineering.

Since 1992, he works at NRU MSUCE, currently, on the position of chief researcher.

In 1994, he defended his dissertation as candidate of sciences and in 2005, his doctor’s dissertation.

He is an author of 65 scientific and teaching and guiding works, including two monographs on the research of vibration of flat elements of structures, 10 training aids, 32 articles, 5 patents, 3 know-how and 21 presentations on various conferences. He has trained 3 post graduate students.

In 2007, O.O. Egorychev was awarded the title of Honored Builder of Russia, since 2008, he is an adviser to the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. In 2009, O.O. Egorychev was awarded with a badge of honor «Building Glory» and the acknowledgement of the Mayor of Moscow. He is the winner of Moscow competition «Manager of the Year – 2009».

Professional interests include the tasks of construction mechanics, mechanics of modern structures and facilities and other scientific fields, aerodynamics of building structures.

NRU MSUCE is one of the leading technical higher schools and main Russian university of civil engineering.

MSUCE currently includes 11 institutes, 62 chairs, over 30 research laboratories.

The Training R&D Laboratory for Aerodynamic Testing of Construction Structures was established in 2008 for fundamental and applied research in the area of aerodynamics of buildings and structures, including singular buildings, enhanced responsibility buildings, as well as bridge structures.