Position:Technical Expert

Siegbert Hopf works at the central Siemens office of the consultant support for Totally Integrated Power (TIP) since 2010. Writing, managing and editing of technical publications, manuals and handbooks to support planning of power distribution systems belongs to his main activities. The integration of knowledge – inside and outside of Siemens – and the transfer to a comprehensive text and significant pictures are the basis of the books and brochures Siemens is offering to consultants for more than 10 years.

As ph. d. in theoretical physics he started 1988 with nuclear power calculations at Siemens and went over to public relations, together with ghost-writing and editing small publications for the general management. Thereafter he was marketing director of an UPS company starting in 1998 as a Siemens spin-off, and was part of Chloride plc. since 2000. The company start-up in the so-called „Mittelstand“ involved the handling of the complete marketing spectrum and participation and collaboration in national economic associations and organisations. At the Federal Assocoation for Information Technology, Telecommunication and New Media he was co-author of several publications until he joined Siemens again in 2010