Position:General Director
Employer:GRIVEN Russia

Since the company was founded in 1991, Vladimir Golikov occupies an active position on the market of professional lighting equipment. As a lighting engineer and lighting equipment supplier he participated in the construction of the most important facilities and has a lot of completed projects in his portfolio pertaining to modernizing the stage lighting at major theaters of this country.

Since the early 2000s the company under the direction of Vladimir Golikov entered the new market of architectural lighting. Offering proven and innovative technical solutions to its potential clients.

The new market of exterior architectural lighting demonstrated its interest in the company’s offers related to the dynamic lighting of architecturally important sites. He completed numerous projects of illumination of buildings and facilities in various cities across Russia. The offered products have unique parameters, and their quality gets demonstrated on a daily basis, confirmed by their reliable operation in some of the most difficult conditions.

A brief enumeration of the company’s major completed projects and clients who ordered their equipment from GRIVEN, including such entities as the Government of Moscow, the Presidential Administration of Russia, and the major Russian oil and gas companies, serves to demonstrate the highest grade of quality and reliability of GRIVEN’s equipment.