Position:Technical Director
Employer:HERZ Inzhenerniye Sistemy

Since August 2011 until now, Technical Director at OOO HERZ Inzhenerniye Sistemy (LLC), Moscow—the branch office of Herz Armaturen GmbH, Austria (shutoff and control, thermal control, and balancing valves and polymer heat-conductive systems).

From November 2008 to August 2011, Head of Engineering at OOO KAN-R (LLC), Moscow—the Russian branch office of KAN Sp.zo.o, Poland: worked with heat-conductive systems.

From 07.1999 to 10.2008, Design Engineer at TD Termoros.

From August 1990 to July 1999, Chief Engineer at OOO SKVIM (LLC): capital overhaul and installation of ventilation systems, Karacharovo Mechanical Plant (Moscow)