Position:Executive Director
Employer:Geo Research Institute

BS in Seismology Kyoto Univ, MS in Geotech UCB, Ph.D. Karagandy Univ, Kazakh, Dr.Eng. Kyoto Univ.

Professional license:

1985 Registered Professional Engineer (Geotechnical Engineering)

Teaching Experiences:

1980-2003 Lecturer, Dep. of Geo Eng., Kobe Univ.

2003-2004 Visiting Prof, Dep. of Geo Eng., Tokushima Univ.

2006-2013 Visiting Prof, Dep. of World Cultural Heritage, Cyber University, Japan

2005-present Invited Prof, Eurasian National Univ, Astana, Kazakhstan

Professional/Academic Committee Membership:

1985-1995 Member of Earthquake Disaster Prevention for Osaka City

2003-2014 Member of Arbitration, Osaka District Court

2009-present, Chaiman, ATC19, ISSMGE