Position:Senior Engineer
Employer:Gersevanov R&D Institute for Underground Structures and Facilities (NIIOSP), Stroitelstvo Research Center AO

He graduated from the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering majoring in Industrial and Civil Engineering.

2004-2011 - 3rd, 2nd, 1st category Engineer, Lead Engineer, Kurortproekt ZAO.

He was involved in development of the Reinforced Concrete Constructions and Timber Constructions sections of project documentation, in structural analyses of residential, administrative and multifunctional buildings including:

Year-round Ski Resort in the Pavshynskaya Floodplain, Krasnogorsk District, Moscow Region;

Administrative and Public Center of the Moscow Region;

Da Vinci Residential Complex (Odintsovo, Moscow Region).

Since 2011 to the present day, he has been working at the NIIOSP (Moscow) as the Senior Engineer:

Design of pile foundations and spread footings, pit shorings. Development of project solutions for reinforcement of existent constructions.

Pile fields for residential units in the Myakino micro-district.

Design solutions for the pit shoring and pile foundations of the Veren Palace Residential Complex (10th Sovetskaya St., St. Petersburg).

Soil reinforcement of the foundation for Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys unit (2/4 Leninsky Ave., Moscow).

Arrangement and testing of new pile constructions of increased bearing capacity in Michurinsky Ave., Moscow.