Address: 620072, Russia, Yekaterinburg, 34, Komsomol 40th Anniversary St.
Phone: +7 (343) 215-99-33

"LSR Group in the Urals is a leader in the industrial housing construction market. The company carries out the whole cycle of works on construction of residential objects from 3 to 26 floors on a "turnkey" basis: design, production, construction of new generation houses with the use of unique seamless technology of facade finishing.

The construction of prefabricated reinforced concrete houses using seamless technology not only makes it possible to significantly reduce the time required to construct facilities without loss of quality, but also to increase the comfort and reliability of individual apartments and houses as a whole.

The application of seamless technology provides:

    Savings on heating costs - due to the absence of "cold bridges", which reduce heat losses.
    Comfortable indoor climate - due to increased water repellency and good vapor permeability of walls.
    Increased sound insulation.
    Architectural and aesthetic attractiveness of the house - due to the possibility of using any facade solutions.
    High maintainability of facades.

More than 60 years of experience in production of prefabricated reinforced concrete, the use of modern automated equipment allow to produce a wide range of reinforced concrete products of high factory readiness. The strictest observance of technological standards and additional control by specialists in production ensures high quality of each product.

Since 2016, LSR Group in the Urals has been annually awarded the "Reliable Builder of Russia" gold medal. Currently, several large-scale projects are at different stages of implementation in different districts of Yekaterinburg: in Verkh-Isetskiy district - residential areas "Michurinskiy", "Meridian", "Flagman", in Kirovskiy district - "Tsvetnoy Boulevard", "Dawn", "Voskhod", in Oktyabrskiy district - residential complex "Crystal Keys". To date, LSR Group has built and commissioned over 1 million square meters of residential real estate in the Urals capital. More than 40 thousand people became happy new settlers.