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PROSPECT Group has been carrying out complex project management in the sphere of residential and commercial real estate development since 2013. Modern approach to project management, application of rich practical experience, flexibility and desire to develop in the modern market are the main principles of the company.

The company's first project, Arbatsky Residential Complex, located in the central part of Ekaterinburg, in the square of Moskovskaya, Radishcheva, Sheinkman and Kuibyshev Streets, was successfully implemented and commissioned in the 6th quarter of 2017. Buyers of the new apartments and apartments appreciated all the advantages of the complex: quality of finishing and convenience of apartment layouts, landscaped closed courtyard with sports and recreation areas, shopping gallery with a separate entrance for residents of the complex.

Melnitsa is another ambitious project of the company, located in the historical center of the city and includes the project of restoration of the cultural heritage with 100-year history. The historic building occupies a central place in the composition of the new residential quarter, where in addition to the architectural monument will be built three more residential buildings. All of the buildings share a common courtyard area, underground parking and in combination with commercial premises for various purposes form a fully self-sufficient ecosystem for a comfortable life.

Residential quarter "Federation" - A unique residential complex is located on the territory of more than three hectares in the quarter of Stepana Razina - Shchorsa - Chapaeva - Sharonova Lane. The total area of housing to be built in the "Federation Quarter" is more than 72 000 m2, the project implementation period is 2018-2025. The residential complex under construction is a multi-section dwelling house of variable number of floors with a 30-storey central section.

Thanks to its height (more than 130 m in height) and impressive architecture, designed in the style of the Moscow "Stalin's" skyscrapers, the Federation Quarter will become the architectural dominant of the district and a landmark object of the entire Yekaterinburg

PROSPECT Group is an experienced team with ambitious goals. Our partners are only stable companies and the best contractors. The stable financial position of the company is confirmed by the confidence of the largest banks.